Younger guy dating older men

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Yet the decades sadly so rarely seem to play well together.As a younger man myself, I have tried to identify how exactly older guys can love, exhort, and invest in younger men around them — men like me.

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Young men are often asking of older men, “Do you care about me? ” We can watch You Tube videos for advice, wisdom, and inspiration for life’s complexities. Now, for every gray hair, we want one story of God’s faithfulness, one lesson from years of learning God and his world. Was there a time when you had that same life experience? We need to hear, “God is faithful in that situation, because I’ve seen it — I have involved in this tragic world — in a young man’s tragic life — because sometimes we’re not so sure.With Christian blogs today, we can access answers to most every life question without even picking up the phone. It’s hard for most Christians to spend time alone with God.We should still ask you, but we don’t need older men mainly because they’re smarter. For you to take time with the Father — with Father — to intercede for us, to pray for our good, and to ask for wisdom for us, means more than you know. Take those ten or fifteen years you have on us and do with them in prayer what we haven’t learned to do yet as unskilled, inexperienced, and scared younger men. We’re not your peers, so don’t measure yourself against us.Young men need steady love, a love that shadows the love of the Father (1 John –14). With all the brokenness between generations today, it would be an unusual and undeserved blessing to take your prayers for granted. If we need your more mature, fatherly help, chances are we’re not getting it from our dads.We that, and we are on a journey with monsters on the horizon — monsters deep in our own hearts and all around us. Paul feared the Ephesians would “lose heart,” so he prayed that God would, “grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit” (Ephesians , 16). Most guys who have distant or absent fathers feel like they have been competing with other men their whole life — for stats, for affection, approval, and acceptance. We need support, friendship, and non-competitive comaraderie like that — we need a person to manifest to us, face to face, God’s disinterest in comparative performance.There is a sad and wide gulf between older men and younger men today.

Generational discrimination and segregation are alive and, well, discouraging.

We have to pass the torch somehow, but so many of the bridges have been burnt. Older men, by God’s design and grace, there are things we will get from you and no one else.

Especially those of us without dads, or Christian dads, or engaged and intentional Christian dads.

You, the older man, are not necessarily our dad, but you are a “father’s friend” — a “neighbor who is near” (Proverbs ), who teaches us about “reproach,” “prudence,” “suffering,” “adultery,” and “cursing” (Proverbs –14) — how to (or avoid) all of it. It’s hard to “do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves” (Philippians 2:3).

But we might just learn how to do it for others through your example.

One of the most practical shapes this takes is in the form of . We need to be able to ask you anything — and get an honest, non-judgmental answer. “I am writing to you, fathers, because you know him who has been from the beginning” (1 John ).

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