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The gag is funny and cathartic, one of the highlights of an otherwise just-okay rom-com. The characters echo subtly twisted stereotypes, the soundtrack grates, and the jokes feel culled from Internet memes. Alison Brie in particular is a highlight: sweet as strawberry rhubarb pie as Lucy—the Charlotte of the ensemble—a type-A princess looking for Mr. Lucy has even designed an algorithm to optimize her chances of meeting The One. Two weeks ago, I met with Brie at a hotel in Hollywood to discuss the film, rom-coms as a genre, love in Los Angeles, and elitism. It’s hard as a recognizable person to do online dating. I’m new to Los Angeles, by way of New York, and in coming here, I’ve had bunch of people do this “welcome to L.

Sounds a lot like the mode I was in when I decided to get married.” Of course, it’s not really her, I play extreme version. Raya is a new dating app that’s kind of like the Soho House of dating apps. You have to have two people recommend you in order to get in, and then they go and look and see how many Instagram followers you have. If you made a profile, what would your likes and dislikes be? I think a great daytime date is to go to the park and just lay with each other and read to each other and hang out. Usually we end up reading some Roald Dahl book or short stories. Your talking about that scene just made me realize something I hadn’t before, that in making an algorithm for a partner, in a way, you’re making an algorithm for yourself as well. This box that she’s created to fit the perfect man in, it’s limiting to who she is, who she could be, and the type of life she could experience. There’s sort of an interesting a statement about women fulfilling themselves with their jobs and then realizing that maybe they want something more, and can they have both? It’s then, in that moment, when she’s super vulnerable and being very true to herself, that she becomes open and receptive to finding love. I think Lucy’s downfall is her own intellect and standards. Said in a less obnoxious way, it’s about being the writer, director, and star of your own movie. If you’re paying attention, I think you could find love anywhere. Before this epiphany, when coupled and while breaking up, I’d view my life as a split-screen: half-him, half-me. is a loveless town, which is not my experience thus far.

Even when I wasn’t with my one love, I’d imagine us and life after him; reminisce, future project. It’s stupid and I guess pop cultural, because Hollywood’s Valentine’s Day offering, riffs on it. I was wondering if maybe you could describe what love is like in L.

Rebel Wilson’s character Robin calls the phenomenon “dicksand.” Dakota Johnson’s “Alice” keeps falling into it, only to find herself suffocated by it. I’ll recount something bad or sad that’s happened, and I’ll hear, “welcome to L.

I also inevitably ended up talking to my single friends about their online dating.

People always kind of want to chat and tell you their story.

There’s a lot of coffee shop hanging just like there is in New York.

because people are very isolated in their cars and apartments, but at the same time, there’s a really relaxed, easy vibe in a lot of parts. There was a restaurant in Larchmont called Girasole that was my favorite, favorite go-to spot. Now they’ve turned it into a very corporate-looking larger restaurant.

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