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So, for those of you just joining us, G my wife had just come upstairs to join me in bed...

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I will give you a little taste of humiliation, and show the world your ****. I've had some really great chats online on this subject.... To hear her moan as she is being taken drives me off the edge.I beleive that once she would do it she would be hooked. Eventually she stopped and her and i became exclusive and he... This weekend, I am willing to supply pictures of my sexy brunette wife - no strings attached.But am soo afraid that she will think im crazy and want a divorce. I love the idea of sharing my shy prim wife with some other guy and love chatting about it with others. All I ask is that we chat about her as we go, and you tell me sexy things about her. to share my wife with other men as i know once we do it once we will not be able to stop. x we r a cpl m 54 f 50 looking 2 find cpls that love 2 show their love on cam we have jmeeting,yahoo,paltalk & eyeball.It's so horny knowing how turned on they are about taking my wife and hearing what they want to do with her. Here's a little about her: 5ft 5 brown hair brown eyes, big areolas, curvy (not fat) very high sex drive Yahoo id... I am willing to share many different types of her pictures... i am constantly asking her to tell me about her previous sexual experiences as it just turns me on the thought of her sexing other guys . if anybody knows of any other programs that we can use , 2 c u, please let us know.K Love to chat about my wife and my efforts with trying to talk her into being shared. On two occasions over the years, my wife has had a father and son. To those of you who are like myself and get extremely turned on while watching your wife having sex with other men. Can you give an example and maybe add a picture or two of the event that most turned you on? We have been into it now for about 5 years and are both very satisfied with the results to our love life or more precisley about our love for each other. I guess there is something exciting about having a hot wife. we just love 2 watch cpls on cam , lol [email protected]..About 2 years ago, my wife told me that she was interested in trying out various activities that would involve others and had tasked me with selecting her men.

:) I would spend hours and hours sorting through prospects and looking for the perfect man to share her...

Hi folks, sorry it’s taken me so long to complete this amazing story of our experience.

The previous 4 episodes can be found in ‘I Cuckold Husband’.

The first happened on a campsite when the 17yrs old boy became suspicious of his father visiting our caravan and subsequently saw his father having sex with my wife. before i dated my wife a friend of mine in college was engaged to her. We are living in a time zone that is GMT + 3 I love chatting about my wife online. Guys comment, send voice mails, and chat endlessly about my wife! A number of men have told me they would love to get their wives to open up or feel more confidence in themselves etc.

I just formed a group on EP for men to post NON-SEXUAL pics of their beautiful wives or girlfriends.

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