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After hearing about the Dead or Alive tournament, Zack enters to increase his popularity and make a name for himself.He apparently succeeds in that endeavor, to an extent.

Zack entered the next tournament to please his fans and gain more money.During the tournament, he has to fight Gen Fu, who wants the prize money to pay off his granddaughter's hospital fees.Although Zack tries to tell him that if Gen Fu let him get the prize money, he could double it through gambling in a day, Gen Fu doesn't believe he can, and the two fight.He also fights Bass once more, and both fight over the who is going to win the prize money.Zack (ザック Zakku) is a DJ from the Dead or Alive series, who first appeared in the original Dead or Alive.A self-taught Muay Thai boxer, Zack only enters the Dead or Alive Tournaments for money and fame.

While achieving a place in the top three in the previous three tournaments, either due to other contestants withdrawing or through his own efforts, Zack is the "winner" of the fourth tournament, as Helena Douglas gave up her title of winner to him.

He plays a huge role in the Dead or Alive Xtreme spin-off series, as he is the owner and creator of Zack Island, where the games take place.

Through the rounds, he had to face Tina Armstrong, who he took a fancy to, and tried to ask her out.

Tina wasn't impressed and refused his advances, giving him a mirror and told him to "use it", hinting that she didn't like his appearance. As Zack went through the rounds, he meets Tina's father, Bass, who, being a protective parent, became enraged when he learned Zack liked Tina.

He also meets Leon, who seems to know him, but Zack claims that he doesn't know the man at all (and pulls the same mirror insult on Leon that Tina did.) After the tournament, Zack once again succeeded in this task and returned to his life of leisure.

After exhausting all his financial reserves, Zack entered the third tournament to earn more money so that he can enjoy a Las Vegas vacation.

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