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This kept me up much later than I planned on being up, and I am not going to edit, so please excuse any typos.The other big post will be finished soon, and I’ll post it sometime in the next week, in one or two parts. I was asked by many people how I got started in poker, or how I made the decision to drop out of school to play full time.

The Beginning I started playing online poker for fun when I was a freshman in at University of Wisconsin – Madison. Clearly, I didn’t know much about bankroll management at the time. I had a few thousand dollars in my bank account, mostly leftover from my Bar-Mitzvah and two summers as a camp counselor.My parents were paying for my school, housing, and a meal plan, and I never spent money on anything other than video games, so I wasn’t running out anytime soon. Once the winter of my sophomore year rolled around, I had a run that $50 up to a few thousand.I had read a handful of books, joined 2+2, bought Poker Tracker, and was making about $30/hr playing Sit-n-Go’s.I had recently gotten a job tutoring for SATs and ACTs, which paid pretty well for a college job (I think maybe $17/hr). I didn’t have a need for extra money, as I said, but the idea that I was making so much of it was very exciting. I played football throughout high school, and though our team was horrible, it was my life. After a year of longing, I’d found a replacement to scratch my competitive itch. I shared it with two girls, one of whom was sure I was gay for the majority of that year.They had a setup where they’d send out a schedule, and you would call in to volunteer to teach one of the available time slots. I’m an obsessive kind of guy, so when I find something that interests me, I dive in full force. I think it was because I had a small poster on the outside of my door of a cat with a tiara that read “I’m a Princess” (I thought it was funny), and because she never saw me with a girl (how am I supposed to meet a girl while I’m in my room learning to crush online poker and also while I’m afraid of girls?I was studying and playing around the clock (though mostly playing… Poker was like a video game, an awesome video game, and I was focused on building my bankroll, my ROI, and the stakes that I could beat. I like people, sure, but too long in a crowded environment with no chance to get away is debilitating. ) I met Caroline through an Improv class that I took my freshman year.

I spent most of my nights at my desk, next to my bed, above my 6″ high carpet of dirty laundry, in my crowded little room. She was much better than me, but to be fair, she’d done Improv in high school. Her and Shannon were going to live with a third girl who ended up backing out.

Caroline asked one of our mutual friends from the class if he knew anyone who needed a place to live the next year.

Hey Guys, So, I told those who follow me on Twitter (@philgalfond) that I was working on a long post and wondering whether I should chop it up into two pieces or not. Most said just post it whole, and I was planning on doing that.

When I got to this section of my post, it felt different. I decided to pull it completely out, expand on it, and make it it’s own post.

The rest was observations mixed with some advice, and this was a story. It was supposed to be one of ten parts of the big post.

Little did I know it would end up hitting the 5000 word mark all on it’s own.

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