Who is jocelyn wildenstein dating

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In his memoirs, written when he was already over 80, Daniel does not even mention his sons, while his fortune was left in trust not to Alec and his younger brother Guy, but to their children.Alec Wildenstein's later years were clouded by two further court cases.

The family business had been founded by Alec's great-grandfather Nathan, who had fled to Paris from Alsace following the German occupation in 1871.Although his family had historically traded purely in livestock Nathan drifted into art, specialising in the then-undervalued French art and furniture of the 18th century.His son and grandson broadened their business into more modern art and developed a system of "catalogues raisonées" which became the authority for authenticating the works of more than 60 leading artists.Their fortune was based on the enormous collection of art works they had stored in their vaults. Alec's first wife, Jocelyne Perisse, came from a Swiss bourgeois background and had learnt to fly and hunt.She was introduced to Alec by the Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi on a shooting weekend at Wildenstein's 60,000-acre Kenyan ranch.He fell heavily for her and they married a year later in a lavish ceremony in Las Vegas.

But Alec was a difficult husband, depressed by his father's continuing iron grip on the business even after Daniel nominally relinquished control in 1990.

As a result Jocelyne grew obsessed with her appearance, trying desperately to please her husband by making herself more cat-like to resemble the beloved animals on his Kenyan estate.

Alec Wildenstein was one of the two heirs of by far the richest family in the world of art.

Until 1997, he was known only within art and racing, where the family were major owners and breeders.

But then came a divorce which brought worldwide fascination, largely because of the multiple facelifts undergone by his estranged wife, Jocelyne, leading her to be called "The Bride of Wildenstein".

The lengthy divorce proceedings also revealed for the first time to the outside world the extent of the family's riches and the total control exercised by Alec's father Daniel over the business, Wildenstein & Co, even though his sons were both in their fifties.

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