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When teens use the Internet to post messages about harming themselves or someone else, this is known as a cyberthreat.

Teen Internet violence and cyberthreats can occur in many ways.A teen may use the internet to: Teens may send the cyberthreats to another person or post them on a web page for others to view.In a recent study reported by CNN, about half of teens with a My Space account had posts claiming that they engaged in risky behaviors, including acts of violence and self harm.Though teens sometimes lied about their actions to get attention, when they received positive feedback from other teens about their posts it encouraged some of them to act on their claims.The Internet contains vast amounts of information, both correct and false, and both positive and negative.Teens are spending more time on the Internet to have fun and interact with others and to work on homework, and they will need Internet skills to succeed in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the Internet also offers a place where negative and violent emotions can be fostered, such as hate group web sites.

Teens may also use the Internet to post their own violent thoughts and feelings.

This article contains information on many ways in which teen internet violence and cyberthreats occur, and tips on what parents can do to help reduce teen violence online.

Keep reading to find out more about teenage internet violence, cyberthreats, and cyberbullying.

While most people think of teen violence occurring at school or in the teens’ neighborhoods, some teen violence occurs or starts on the Internet.

The Internet can both encourage and prevent teen violence, depending on who pays attention or speaks up.

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