Updating a hyperlink in iweb

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Make sure your title tags are unique for each page and accurately describe what search engines, and your visitors, will find on your website.Meta tags are still used by some search engines, including Google, to properly gather all the information about your website.

Like your title tag, and all other meta tags, it should be unique for each one of your webpages.Since Apple discontinued i Web over 3 years ago, i Web SEO Tool is no longer supported but is free to download and use.We have created a new, modern i Web replacement which is just as easy, but much more powerful. Now i Web users can get the same search engine benefits enjoyed by all other websites by optimizing their i Web sites specifically for all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.i Web SEO Tool lets you quickly and easily add custom title tags, meta tags, alternative image text and even analytics code for tracking website visitors.Since i Web always overwrites all custom changes to your site, i Web SEO Tool will even remember all the tags you entered so updating your site is as simple as pressing the 'Re-Apply all Tags' button.With i Web SEO Tool you can quickly and easily prepare your i Web based websites for search engines then automatically publish your search engine ready website to your servers.

Check out our i Web for Business Quick Start Article for help running your business with i Web.

Title tags are the most important on-page search engine optimization you can use to help improve your search engine rankings.

Enter 2 - 3 important keywords in your title tags for each of your web pages on your i Web site.

Provide a short description of what visitors should expect to see on your webpage.

Search engines will use your description meta tag in the search results page right underneath the title tag.

Your meta keywords are used by some search engines to determine what keywords your website should appear for in their search results page.

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