The truth about russian dating

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Also, due to the relatively poor economy (despite the fact that things have gotten a bit better in recent years, they are not THAT much better yet), many men are not able to find decent jobs.Therefore, many do not even see the point in starting a family, because they are afraid they would not be able to take care of a wife plus children.

I will not say that this is a common occurrence, but it happens enough to be not surprising.If one were to just take a look at the numbers of ladies registered with online dating and marriage agencies, you will see it is a very, very small percentage of the Russian female population.I have heard it estimated that there are maybe only 200,000 ladies registered with these dating agencies.The population of Moscow alone is around 10.6 million.Myth #1: These Russian women are just looking for a ticket out Another variation of this myth is that Russian women dislike Russian men.The fact of the matter is that most Russian women would simply love to be able to find a decent and loving man in their own country.

However, for many this is simply not possible, due to a variety of factors.

There is a huge alcohol problem, especially among the men.

Myths about Russian Women Recently, many frustrated American and Western men have been trying their luck at finding a Russian woman to marry.

With all of this interest, several Russian women myths have sprung up.

Some of these are the product of Russian women agencies, and some are from Western society or jealous Western or American women.

Here is the truth behind some of the more common of these Russian women myths.

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