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Or is it just somebody you’ve never met but are attracted to?

If they don’t, there is probably an underlying reason why they didn’t and maybe you should just move on.What I have to tell you could very well change your life. Well, I believe I have some tips that can help you out. Social networking has changed the way we do everything, so why wouldn’t it change how we pursue the opposite sex? Let’s face it; if you are reading this there is a decent chance you are a geek. Anyway, you’re probably here because you want advice on how to ask your dream girl out.Now I’m no Erik von Markovik, but maybe I can give you a few creative ideas. In this case, for all intents and purposes, Facebook is our sea. Now that isn’t a bad thing by any means, but what it also signifies is that if you are a guy geek, then statistically you are probably not so smooth with the ladies (stereotypically).That’s okay, because geeky men are good at analytical thinking, in fact, so much so that we have broken down the art of “˜picking up women’ into an exact science”¦but that’s another matter entirely.In this article, I’m going to offer up a few creative ideas for how to ask a girl out on Facebook, along with some general rules of thumb and occasionally a few satirical remarks ( with me).

I am going to do this very carefully as I do not want to be known as the “stalkerbook guy”. You ask, “How should I introduce myself to this girl?

” and like most good advice, the answer is, “That depends.” Depending on whether or not you already know the person there are different ways to approach this.

If you are already “˜Facebook friends’ with this person then you are off to a good start. If you are not Facebook friends with this person, then do you at least have any mutual friends?

Once accepted, there is a small chance you will get a message asking something along the lines of “I don’t mean to be rude, but do I know you? If you have mutual friends just explain to her that you know [insert name(s)] and wanted to get to know her as well.

If there are no mutual friends just tell her that you saw her picture, liked what you saw, and that you thought she would be a nice person to get to know.

Whether or not you followed the above advice and “friended” her, the next step is to strike up a conversation. On the Info page of her profile, you’ll find her activities, interests, favorite music, TV shows, books, movies, where she’s from, what groups shes’s in, etc.””tons of chances for you to have something in common or that you can talk about.

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