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To break the ice, have each team member take a turn relating her most difficult work experience.This often humorous exercise can help your employees bond, and it also can provide some perspective regarding their current jobs.

It’s that time of year when you have a room full of bright eyed and fresh faced students looking to you for support and guidance and to the rest of the group with a mix of excitement, anxiety and uncertainty. I was talking to a group of teachers about the start of semester and how they break the ice with students.“Asking names, where they went to school and why they chose the program” seemed popular and what about activities I asked?Speed dating was the reply, three of the five use the same icebreaker!Time for some research and to find: 5 introductory activities that aren’t speed dating 1.Perhaps you've just started your business and all of your employees are new, or maybe the nature of your employees' jobs doesn't allow for much team interaction.By bringing everyone together and implementing some team building activities, you can develop more of a team environment in your workplace.

The use of icebreakers can serve to relieve initial tension.

Many people have a work experience they'd like to forget, such as a monotonous job or one that offered miserable working conditions.

My name – having people know each other’s names is vital for cohesion in groups, here are two simple, cost effective, if slightly rustic options. Split into similarities – the purpose of this activity to get students to identify similarities and talk to one another in a range of different group. stand in the middle of the room and get students to break into groups 3-4 times on the basis of characteristics like the direction in which they live /whether they are oldest, middle youngest / how they got to uni and if by public transport, which line/. Bingo – this is a way of getting students to meet and learn a little bit about other in the group – you can add more squares and contextualise the contents to make it relevant for your course/program 4.

No stupid questions – this activity can be used as an icebreaker/energiser with a group who are new /inexperienced.

The idea is that in pairs, then fours and so on you identify….. Once this is done, get them to share with another person, encouraging them to try to answer, then move on to the group for any questions that have gone unanswered or not sure of the answer. Business cards Each student has a card with their name in centre and the answer to four specific questions in the corners.

Ask participants to write down one or 2 ‘stupid questions, things that they feel that they should know/others already know or that they would be embarrassed to ask in front of the group To encourage candour give an example e.g. They can use this to meet others in the room and use card as a discussion starter.

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