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To overcome this, some places, such as Australia, now refer to Sexually Transmitted Diseases as Sexually Transmitted Infections. Well, according to, the number in the USA is over 45 million people aged from 12 years and up, are infected with genital herpes alone - that alone means that out every five people you see walking down the street that are over 12 years of age, one of them has genital herpes.

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Abbreviations: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's).STD refers to one sexually transmitted disease, and STI refers to one sexually transmitted infection.Picture below: Condoms can offer some great protection, but they don't protect against all STD's An std is short for, defined as, a sexually transmitted disease. Properly defined, an STD is a virus, fungi, bacteria or parasite that can be spread through sexual acts.It is vitally important to realize that most STDs can be spread WITHOUT any sexual contact at all.Each of these pages - both for types and specific STD's contains suggested treatment actions for you to consider, as well as photos of the std.On a side note, STIs may be the term of the future.

Lots of people get STD's and lots of people make STD phone calls.

With both sorts of STD's so popular, the term STD creates confusion and difficulties for the many, many people wanting information on STD.

Some STD's can be picked up from used towels, some, like fungi STDs, exist in everyone's bodies already but don't cause trouble until they start growing.

So don't assume your sexual partner has been unfaithful.

These 26 STDs carry the tag sexually transmitted, because they In each link below you will find each type of Std, e.g.

viral stds covered on one page, with each type of viral std covered succinctly on that viral std page. the parasitic std, scabies, we have a highly informative page just on scabies as well.

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