Shippensburg university dating

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As a result, Shippensburg University attracts students with College Board scores that are more than 100 points above the national average.

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A portion of the College Profile data is provided under license by: Annual Survey of Colleges 2015, copyright © 2015 The College Board. Peterson's Undergraduate and Undergraduate Financial Aid Databases, copyright © 2015 Peterson's, a Nelnet company. These findings were further explored to focus on the effects of prior sexual experience, college experience, and membership in a Greek social organization in Study 2.Clear differences are found with sexual experience and Greek membership across the three dating scenes.It is especially notable that membership in Greek organizations for men created dating scripts that were discrepant with both those of younger men as well as younger and older women regardless of Greek status.Prior studies found that men’s and women’s dating expectations include many similar activities.Here, two studies are reported focusing on activities included in scripts for a “typical date” using first a more qualitative method and then a more quantitative method.

Results were highly consistent across method, showing many similarities across the three dating scenes presented (initiation/meeting, date activities, and date outcomes/conclusions).

Consistent with the traditional view of dating, greater expectations for sexual activities on a date were found for men while expectations for limiting of sexual activities were found to be the responsibility of women.

Shippensburg University, founded in 1871, is a public, comprehensive university.

Everything the school does is focused on helping the student acquire the skills and gain the knowledge necessary to succeed in the world.

Shippensburg focuses on its students' successes with the school's small class size, expert faculty, advanced technology, nationally recognized programs, research and internship opportunities and numerous activities outside the classroom.

Shippensburg offers its 5,735 undergraduate students a comprehensive curriculum, with the breadth and depth of knowledge that makes classes rigorous, challenging and invigorating.

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