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It doesn't hurt that 'B level' women are usually younger and more attractive by that measure.

With Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) approaching on August 16, love is on people's minds.But in recent years, it may not be in their hearts.With high family expectations and economic pressures creating new challenges in the search for love in Shanghai, it is becoming increasingly difficult for 20- and 30-somethings to find a suitable dui xiang -- a partner -- to share their life and assets with. A definitive “sheng nu” (a leftover woman) with a big shoe collection.For Shanghaining, it’s not as simple as finding that person who makes your heart melt. In addition to being lovable, in modern Shanghai Mr Right is expected to provide a house, a car and comfortable living for his spouse. She has to be good looking, economically savvy and have a high EQ.More and more often, she has her own stable job -- though she should make less than her husband.Such is the demand for high quality mates, that top-tier males are thin on the ground.

In addition, in Shanghai, it's widely believed that the ideal childbearing age for a woman is between 24-28.

When she hits 30 in China, a woman is considered a sheng nu (left over woman) or “3S”: single, born in the 1970s and stuck, many smart and successful, just not married.

Shanghai resident Chen Heng Tao explains the challenge: “First, you have to understand the ABCD system. She is ambitious, successful in career, comes from a privileged background and has an advanced degree.

She wants a man who is at least her equal, so she is looking for an 'A level' man.

There are fewer 'A level' men than 'A level' women because unfortunately for her, 'B level' women -- that is a woman with a regular job and a bachelor's degree -- also wants a 'A level' man or 'B level man' at least.

So the 'A level' men will be grabbed up by 'B level' women.

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