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This group is for anyone and everyone and anything goes, only one requirement, you have to be real, all members are require to prove they are who they say they are, this is easily done by emailing a pic holding a sign saying "I am Real On Motherless" all pics once confirmed are deleted, email to the end nice to know the guy or girl your chatting with is actually them In todays world opportunities for women to express their sexuality and share their same interests.

Some join chat rooms, forums and dating sites, some post pictures and some have even set up their own websites showing the world the passion they feel for their lifestyles of having sex with interracial partners I confess: I actually had sex with my cousin last weekend (will elaborate if you'd like).He is a year older than me, and we've always been close.(my dick is bigger than his though, LOL) I don't know what came over me, (besides him. Wasn't even attracted to him, just wanted to fuck a negro. (LOL) Ok so this is my first post, and by the seems of things a bit of a lame one I will admit.LOL) but it's late over here tonight and I just got this urge to walk into this convenient store and ask the dude who works at the counter if he wanted to have sex. So I started ting him up a bit, I could tell he was attracted to me. Never done that before in my life, but it was kinda exhilarating. I've been a ML addict for quite a while, uploaded a few images & videos of other peoples stuff and made a few gallerys of stuff I love, but never put anything up that was actually personal.Then I just dropped the question, "Do you want to have sex right now? He kinda acted coy, then he got kinda mad and asked me to leave so I left haha. He didn't look that bad in the face, but he had kind of a really thin body. I've been with a girl (Lisa) since Uni, for just over 7 years.All the time I stayed with Lisa, and I felt bad for cheating on her like that, but I couldn't help myself for wanting Jemma.

I moved back home from uni, and cut things off with Jemma after Lisa broke things off with me.

I made the big effort and made a declaration to Lisa that I wanted to stay with her and meant to marry her.

She's really a great girl who I have semi moved in with, it's my place and she stays over most weeks.

I live in a small part of a quiet country but I'm from a large town.

She's a country girl who's quite shy but made the first move on me back when we started, and from that point on things were great.

2 years in and after moving into a new place at uni a new girl, Jemma, moved in, and after a few months we had a serious affair (even to the point where she'd let me fuck her anally without any concerns.

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