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Instead, the biggest threats to the Saudi princes and princesses are often themselves.Her Royal Highness Princess Basmah bint Saud bin Abdulaziz al Saud, the granddaughter of the first Saudi king and the daughter of the second, has long been a thorn in the side of the country’s rulers due to her liberal reformist outlook and human rights campaigning.

Despite this, she still became a target for those who seek to bring down the ruling Saud dynasty.Do you like to meet people online or over the phone to talk about adult topics? It's free, and the best way to reach interested individuals in the local Islamabad community. In the Islamabad Phone/Cam category you can find ads posted by Islamabad locals offering sex chats, phone sex and webcam sex. If you are in need of some equipment for a video meeting, find the items you need in the Islamabad Computers and Islamabad Laptops & Notebooks categories. It’s a sad fact of life: Absolute monarchies generate more crazy stories than democratic republics.While the common people of the Saudi state are subject to strict rules and tender mercies of the religious police, the royal family are subject to no such restrictions and live lives of luxury and adventure.The princess decided to go public instead, so the blackmailer released a 40-second video to You Tube showing the princess smoking and blowing a kiss with her head uncovered.

While innocuous to Western eyes, this constituted a major scandal for Saudi society.

She believes the blackmail plot is linked to the individuals behind the Mujtahidd Twitter account, a network of dissidents who publish intimate details of members of the royal family in order to destabilize the regime.

In 2013, she was allegedly tricked into a Facebook conversation with a hacker who had broken into the account of a personal friend, whom she refuses to identify but described a 30-year-old sheikh in the United Arab Emirates.

Her Skype conversations with the fake sheikh were recorded, while he used flattery to try to lure the princess into sexually explicit conversations.

She also claimed that her computer was hacked, with videos and photos stolen.

After several months, the blackmailer revealed himself, demanding that £320,000 be sent to an Egyptian bank account.

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