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I think 2 dates a week with two different people is pushing it.More than that and you’re just overloading your mental hard drive.

Either your profile is too good and full of embellishments or.dun DUN! While it’s not abnormal to have many one off first dates that lead no where, it is atypical to have many not lead to a second date. Whomever you present online is not translating offline.You should be getting more men following up if you’re having 3 dates a week.So, in addition to meeting a lot of one and doners, it’s either an issue of inaccurate photos or you’re just not terrible interesting/engaging. Every person I’ve ever known or heard of who was booking multiple online dates every week always, to me, seemed to have something “off” about them.That’s something that a lot of people don’t consider. Either they seemed burnt out on the process or over-anxious or completely desensitized to the process.Comment: Hi, I am wondering if what happens to me is “normal” in the dating world here in NYC. I meet an average of 3 guys per week, which some would consider lucky.I think I would feel lucky if all I wanted was to go to countless dates with men that 98% of the time I never hear back from. Do other women experience what I take as rejection??

3 dates a week doesn’t sound abnormal for OK Cupid. As many people have mentioned in previous threads, OKC attracts a number of time wasters.

That site is heavily populated by folks not terribly interested in anything beyond attention or a casual relationship. I’m going to guess that you’re a quantity over quality person.

You go out with pretty much everyone who asks because you like feeling so in demand.

OK Cupid is like a fun house mirror in that it provides a distorted view of our desirability and attractiveness.

Hate to be the bearing of bad news, but let’s just say that that site isn’t known for attracting men who are terribly picky. Many of those guys are taking you out in the hopes of hooking up. That would explain a good portion of the rejection that you are experiencing.

I highly doubt that the majority of men you’re meeting on OK Cupid are actually looking for a relationship. The other contributing factor is probably that you’re disappointing these men somehow.

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