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He didn't offer an opinion on the domestic congeniality of otters, hermit crabs or rabbits.For that, one can turn to Ethan Lipton's "Red Handed Otter," now in a local premiere at A Red Orchid Theatre.

It opens with Paul (Guy Van Swearingen) and Donald (Luce Metrius) listening to Dawn Upshaw's solo in Henryk Gorecki's "Symphony No.It's your typical hole-in-the-wall Chinese food haven, except for their claim to ice cream fame.This Red Orchid desert is in such high demand that it has been licensed and sold outside of the restaurant.Not to say that's the only worthwhile dish -- before you indulge in dessert, explore one of the many (_many_) delectable savory dishes. observed that a cat wasn't enough like having another person in the house, whereas a dog was too much like having another person in the house.3," in which a mother mourns a child murdered by Nazis.

Paul's loss is more prosaic; his 17-year-old cat, Jennifer, has finally lost the last of her nine lives.

Donald tries to empathize by relating the story of the title beast, whom he cared for as a child until the baby otter was old enough to swim away. He acquired Jennifer when he thought he'd be working "six months, tops," at his job, but the months have stretched into years.

To make matters worse, Donald is now dating Paul's ex, fellow security guard Angela (Ashley Neal). What he's not so sure he needs — despite the pronounced opinions of his co-workers — is another cat.

Anyone who has enjoyed the rare pleasure of a night away from a nocturnal creature demanding victuals at Too Early O'Clock will understand Paul's mixed but articulate emotions on the subject, and not just because, when it comes to Jennifer, "If you just look at it objectively, we're talking about one of the best cats in history!

"Any play that uses a young person's death as its opening narrative gambit could fairly be accused of milking the audience's sympathy ducts.

But what if the kid in question isn't all that sympathetic?

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