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AJ shot a death glare at Roman as the two guys left.Later that night AJ knocked on the door of Seth's RV.

You didn't say sorry.""I have nothing to be sorry for. "I was skipping, and you walked in front of me when I had the right of way.""Right of way?"Vans is where it's at." He smirked at her, and now AJ was the one with the annoyed expression on her face.Before Seth could move away, she slapped him across the face. "Seth got angry and grabbed her wrist, pushing her down onto the couch. " He nodded his head, wanting her to continue."I'm sorry that you can't be a man and own up to your actions, now let me go." AJ tried to wiggle out of his grip, but he just pushed down all of his weight on top of her."Now you have two things to be sorry for.""Let me go.""Not until you say you're sorry.""Fine! Their nose touched, and although AJ was mad at him, she couldn't deny that this was hot. It wasn't a quick peck on the lips, either, it was long and very rough. He got up off the couch, with her belt in his hand, and repositioned her so that she was now on her stomach."I'm not even sorry for this." He spoke, before hitting her ass with the belt. " Seth asked again, as he pulled onto her hair."No." AJ answered.A collection of one-shots written by me for the Imagine WWE blog on tumblr. The Shield, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kaitlyn, Cody Rhodes, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, The Miz, Maryse, Randy Orton, Justin Gabriel, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, AJ Lee, Dolph Ziggler, I'm running out of characters here, so etc.AJ Lee was skipping around backstage, minding her own business, and then she bumped into Seth Rollins.

She almost fell over but caught herself."Watch where you're going!

" She shouted at him."You watch where YOU'RE going." Seth got in her face and the two of them had an intense stare down, before being broken up by Roman Reigns."Leave the little crazy girl alone." Roman said as he pulled Seth aside.

You're the one you ran into me.""See that's where you're mistaken.""Oh yeah? We wasn't driving.""Point blank, you didn't look where you were going!

" She snapped at him."Oh, I'm sorry for not looking both ways, even though I could have sworn you were looking down at your shoes.

I bet you think you're all cool for wearing Converses.

New flash, little girl." Seth spoke as he leaned down to get to her level.

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