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On a related note, I wonder if these scammers are able to continue what they’re doing because they really capitalize on the pressure that girls feel to have a designer dress for prom just for the name on the label.Prom sometimes loses sight of being a fun dance, and instead becomes a social status competition.

The thing is though that you shouldn’t by a designer dress just because it’s designer.They interviewed one high school girl who ordered her dream beaded prom dress.The one she got was the wrong color and poorly constructed, but the icing on the cake is that they sent her the bag of beads and sewing supplies.I mean, I’m all for a good DIY prom project, but when you’re paying for a dress with beads, I think it’s only fair to expect the beads are points out, the companies that make the dresses and even the government are taking these online scams seriously.It’s rare for scam victims to get refunded in these scenarios, so it’s good to see that kind of action being taken before more girls experience prom dress debacles because of them.You should be able to wear what you want to prom and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on prom (even some of those discounted dresses were still out of what my price range would have been).

It’s just about feeling great about yourself and not what the label on your dress – or your classmate’s dress – says.

One year I found my prom dress at a random store in the mall for $30 and the next year I just borrowed a dress I loved from a friend.

If you haven’t bought a prom dress yet, you may be spending time scrolling through ones you find online, hoping to find your dream dress at a good price. It turns out that online prom dress scams are definitely something to be concerned about.

The ran a segment on it this morning and it was pretty crazy.

Basically scammers run websites that look pretty legit for girls to get discounted designer prom dresses, with pictures of the real dresses.

But what actually shows up in the mail is a different story.

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