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Before we logged off, Greg asked for my phone number and mailing address.This was a time when people used their real names, and the term "Internet predator" hadn't been coined.

Enamored with this new guy and the new way of communicating, I couldn't wait to go online again the next night.When I did, I realized there was no way of knowing when Greg would be on there at the same time, and we didn't have e-mail, so I called him. We talked every single day after that, despite the long distance charges.The cost was worth the 'high' I felt after hanging up with him. After communicating with him for a couple of months, I was ready to leave the only place I'd ever known and race to California to meet this guy in the Real World. I didn't enroll in a second semester, but somehow my parents convinced me to stay in Missouri.I became an addict, living for the sound of my phone ringing. Chatting on the phone was easier and better than chatting online, and we exchanged photos and letters via snail mail. I got two full-time jobs, since I had no life outside of Greg, and started saving money -- money I would eventually use for my trip to California. I stopped only for gas, water, the restroom, and once to take a photo of the Oklahoma City bombing site, which only further compelled me to follow my aholtom In December of 1994, most teenagers had heard of the new Internet-thingy but had never used it. Cell phones were for rich people, and text messaging and IM's had yet to be invented.I was an eighteen-year-old know-it-all living in Missouri, with an active imagination and a streak of rebellion, and planned to switch colleges after an emotional (and academically disappointing) first semester.

Disappointing because I'd grown accustomed to straight A's, which didn't come so easily anymore; emotional because a frat guy I'd somehow fallen for had broken my heart when I discovered him in bed with another girl.

Ironically, I'd planned to finally sleep with him that very night... Who knew that a few months later I'd be living across the country with a much older guy -- a guy I'd meet the very first time I used the Internet -- contemplating an abortion?

It started one night in the college computer lab, the only place kids could access the Web in those days. He was a college senior living in the coastal community of San Luis Obispo, California, which he described as idyllic.

I figured out fairly quickly how to navigate the Internet, and, not wanting to seem like the total nerd I was, I looked for a 'cool' website. It seemed like a galaxy away from my land-locked, tiny hometown of Farmington, Missouri, notorious for the herd of cattle that resided across the street from the high school.

Somehow, even with our six year age difference, Greg and I managed to find a lot to chat about that first night: the Beatles, my favorite new singer Sheryl Crow, the movie Dazed and Confused, President Clinton, college life, our families, our nonexistent love lives...

We stayed awake type-chatting about everything and nothing until am, when I had to leave for the one class I liked.

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