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Measuring CO2 in these applications may be important for energy balance, end-point determination, and maintaining product hardness and quality. In combustion applications, such as boilers, furnaces, and heaters, CO2 measurement can be used with temperature and oxygen content to evaluate efficiency and burner performance.

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Carbon dioxide can be measured in percent (%) and parts per million (ppm) depending on the requirements of the application.The off-gas stream that results from steel-making applications, such as EAFs, contains carbon in the form of CO2.Some metal heat treat applications utilize CO2 as a part of the carbon-containing atmosphere.The CO2 levels can be dynamically measured in these cases and is usually present at percent levels.Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an important gas with numerous connections to biological, atmospheric, oceanic, environmental, experimental, and industrial processes.It exists in the earth’s atmosphere at an approximate concentration of 0.0390% by volume or 390ppm.

In May 2013, atmospheric concentration reached 0.04% or 400ppm for the first time in possibly millions of years.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas because it inhibits outward thermal radiation from the earth – in other words, it traps heat. Natural sources include volcanoes, organic matter combustion, respiration of living things, fermentation, and photosynthesis.

Anthropogenic, or unnatural, sources primarily include fossil fuel burning, power generation, transportation, heating buildings & homes, and industrial processes such as iron & steel, cement, and chemical production.

Deforestation also contributes to CO2 accumulation by removing a critical natural CO2 sink.

Carbon dioxide is a gas of interest in many analytical applications.

Infrared detectors can be used to measure CO2 because it is an excellent absorber of infrared energy.

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