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DIRECTV pays programmers fees to carry their networks or local stations.When contracts come to an end, we negotiate new agreements, and the vast majority of the time you never hear about them.

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We believe it’s our responsibility to take a stand and protect you from these excessive price increases so you don’t see an unnecessary increase to your family’s monthly bill.Local broadcast stations use the public airwaves for free as long as your Congressional representatives, the FCC and other officials believe they continue to serve your community’s public interest.Yet, broadcasters use blackouts or threats of blackouts to force your family to pay more and deny you access to what was once free network programming.They often blame the cable or satellite TV provider for taking the stations down, when the fact is that only the broadcast station has ability to withhold programming.DIRECTV cannot and will not take your ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC away from you in a programming dispute. And local stations that tell you differently, often using their own local newscasts, should lose their licenses for attempting to deceive your families.Local broadcast stations forced a record 91 blackouts in 2012 compared to 51 blackouts in 2011 and a dozen more in 2010.

Every year, stations keep doubling down in their efforts to extract huge new fees just to receive the same channels you can still get free over the air.

These unnecessary fee demands cost families more than $1 billion in 2010 and will triple to more than $3.6 billion within the next five years, analysts say.

By sticking up for average families and holding firm during disputes, DIRECTV has been able to keep its annual price increases to half the industry average.

DIRECTV has your back and wants you to enjoy any ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC show you want – and at a reasonable price.

Just imagine your family’s bill if we simply accepted an arbitrary fee demand for one local station, let alone the 1,580 with whom we partner.

Your patience has a direct impact on your bill, and so while every dispute is often resolved quite quickly, we appreciate your support as we fight by your side.

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