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I have recently met a man who is a part of this small sect.Way back when - long, long ago in a place far, far away - there were 12 tribes.Originally, there were two southern tribes: Judah and Benjamin which were customarily called the House of Judah; and there were ten northern tribes which were customarily called the House of Israel.When all twelve tribes were referredd to collectively they were call "Israel".He argues he is Jewish, but he believes in Christ and his that Jewish ?I am not familiar if they believe all or only part of the NT, but I am curious.

When I ask him about his faith he seems to take offence and will not explain how the two faiths can be one in the same.

Anyone heard of this before, or care to shed some light on the matter ?

Jesus is Jewish, and he's their/our King, the Christ. The Jews who reject Jesus as messiah are still waiting for the messiah to come.

I think the bigger question is why the Jewish nation (or world) in general reject their anointed. He was Jewish by Birth and later accepted Christ as his Savior. THe Jews have been waiting for the Messiah for centuries, and almost eveyone except the Jews know that the Jew Jesus is the Messiah or Chirst [anointed one], So the Christian Jews like me are real Hebrews (men beyond the river), like me, finding the God Yahoveh of Abraham who appeard to Abraham on the mountain with the buring bush and Jesus as Christ preincarnate gave him the 10 commandments to prove to the Jews they couldn't keep them without Jesus, and in fact Jesus is the only one that kept the commandments with out breaking them.

Mark 15:2 And Pilate asked him, Art *thou* the King of the Jews ? He said he was not a Christian and did not like the title Messianic Jew. His reasoning was that Jesus came first for the Jews. So, real Jew knows Jesus, and in fact in the book of Revelation 7 we see the tribes changed to reflect Jesus and real spiritural Jews, who like Menassa have mercy while the tribe of Dan which was replaced means to judge.

As far as I can see what he is saying does not go against New Testament teaching. The major difference between the Messianic Jew and the rest of the Jewish people is that the Messianic Jew recognizes Jesus as the messiah that God has promissed the Jewish people. Have a nice day, and if you have Jesus in you speak in tongues Jimmy Yes.

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