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Master P and Lamar Odom have been friends for almost 15 years, and when a TMZ camera crew caught up with the rapper Wednesday, he had a few words to say about the people rushing to Odom’s side now that he’s in the hospital. that’s all he wanted.” Master P also was asked if he thought Bryant’s and the Kardashians’ visit to see Odom in the hospital was just a stunt. Master P went on to say that the one thing Odom wanted to do was turn to basketball, but no one was there to help him.

“You know, I feel like it’s crazy, because now you know all these people love you, talk all about stuff about you and how they miss you to do the best basketball, but when you was around, you have no love. I was the first person to take him back to the [Los Angeles] Clippers.” He also said Odom’s involvement with the Kardashians got him blackballed. “He was in good shape, but I think he got blackballed,” Master P said. Master P will be doing his part to resolve California's debt crisis ... P -- aka Percy Miller -- was slapped with liens for unpaid California taxes in 19 ... The rapper/entrepreneur scored his biggest hit with "Make 'Em Say Uhh! Katt Williams may be laying low this holiday season, both personally and professionally, which partially explains why reader/tipster Lady Di found he's starring in a movie virtually no one has heard about and, if not for the Internet, perhaps no one would. Looks like an idea for an online viral video that actually caught a virus.

It's called , and it's headed straight to DVD on Dec.

30, which is odd enough, until you watch the trailer and find out that Romeo (formerly Lil Romeo) wrote the movie, papa Master P directed, and despite them having many millions of dollars at their disposal, didn't seem to spend more than a few of them on the project.

I can see why famous folks aren’t too crazy about sharing their personal business with the public when it comes to their love lives.

Often, when they do, people have quite a bit to say about them and their significant other. The rapper, son of Master P, and the ICDC College spokesperson (hehe, just had to throw that in there), was spotted coming out of a venue with a pretty lady on his arm.

When asked by TMZ photogs if the woman was his “new blonde,” the rapper made it clear that she’s more than that: “This is my beautiful girl.

Her name is Toneata, not just ‘a new blonde.'” Miller said all that before giving his girl a kiss in front of the cameras.

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