Man with no kids dating single mom

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everyone wants grown up time to do adult things and with him living 3 hours away the time is limited and maybe he is trying to get to know u outside the kids... It has been harder to do family like things with the men without kids. I have found just in conversations with some old acquaintences that don't have children that men without kids just don't get it.

He said that he was married for 4 years, been divorced for 1. Am I taking this all wrong or should I just write it off? Although I don't know if they were older kids or not. He ended up being wonderful with my daughter, and so did his whole family. Its not fair to him if he does and you will not compromise.I may have a different situation but actually posted a little while ago about a similar situation about dating a guy with no kids.My dilema is the i have fallen for a guy who loves me very very much but says he doesnt want kids himself and doesnt want to be a father to mine.They are nine and eleven and their dad is great and i dont want a replacement for him.They don't understand why your priorities are different.They are used to being the center of attention and have a difficult time sharing the spotlight with someone else.

They don't know how nice it is if someone else would just carry the 29lb wriggling child or push the stoller or let you get two bites of your food down before flying out of your seat to attend to the wee one.

And they don't understand why you can't start your evening at the child's bedtime. I would be concerned about how serious this man is about you as it does seem that he is wanting you time not the package deal.

2nd, in a post to a friend of his on the net, he was giving her an update on his life. But, I'm wondering what it could mean from his side. Anytime, he comes down to visit (& he will this weekend) he's made the comment that he hopes it can be just the two of us. I think what he's saying there is something relating to stuff behind closed doors. maybe he just is overwhelmed, and if you are sure you don't want any kids, make sure he knows.

2nd part --- I bet what he means is that he did not have to traumatize shared kids through his divorce. about the response i agree with lsl---i think its the thank God i didn't have kids with my ex and have to deal with her I think some guys are just not comfortable with kids.

BUT, the point is that from his standpoint, his divorce was a clean break. He could be saying to you that he wants a firm foundation between you two before kids are introduced, or he could be saying something entirely different. I think anytime you are dating a guy without kids, you have to find out whether you want more. I dated a few guys with no kids....had a hard time fitting into my life..there were negatives against us working out were my excuse to get out.

On the other hand, I could have 1 or 2 more depending on the guy and my relationship with him. If for you, you don't want more, that should be one of the things you communicate right away.

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