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According to the Philippines Department of Tourism, the city draws over 3 million visitors per year. I live in Metro Manila and i know exactly where to go here in the Philippines 1.

Three smaller cities within Manila's boundaries---Ortigas or Mandaluyong City, Malate, and Makat---form the pulsing epicenter of this Philippine capital's commercial district and its thriving ...If your child is a United States citizen and you would like ...The Philippine archipelago is a network of more than 7,100 islands, with 800 plus of these being inhabited.The residents of the Philippines are an inventive, resourceful people with a culture based ...If your dream vacation promises thrilling adventures, majestic surroundings, tropical weather, immaculate beaches, friendly and generous people, exotic cuisine and shopping havens---at more than half ...Located in Southeast Asia, amongst the waters of the western Pacific Ocean, the Philippines are a collection of smaller islands that together make up the Republic of the Philippines. Manila is the capital and second largest city of the Southeast Asian island nation of the Philippines.

Only Quezon City, the previous capital, has more inhabitants. Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippine cities of Puerto Galera and Manila are located on two separate islands: Puerto Galera on the north shore of Mindoro Island and Manila on the west coast of ...

In the United States, it does not matter whether an individual is an adult or a minor, they must have a passport to travel internationally.

Im a Nursing graduate and luckily passed the local boards.

Since its quite difficult to find a nursing job in the hospitals, I took other opportunity which is a callcentre agent. Manila is the modern and frantic capital city of the Philippines and the main gateway to the islands of Micronesia for many travelers.

With several ways to find a taxi at Manila airport, you should ...

Manila is one of the most densely-populated cities in the world.

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