Intimidating other people

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What also helps is improving your own confidence and social skills.

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If we're shy, we may assume everyone is constantly looking for a reason to critique our flaws.Some people come across as snobby and judgmental without intending to as well.A lot of employees are intimidated by their managers, or students by their professors.Someone may also be nervous around police officers, high-status professionals like doctors and lawyers, religious authorities, or employees who have power in a particular establishment, like bouncers or bartenders.I think everyone feels a little uneasy and off-balance when they're around those handful of people who just seem to have everything going for them.They may be really outgoing as well, which can add in all the problems from the point above.

I find their intimidating aura shrinks when you just have more experience with them.

You get used to them, start to see them as normal people, and learn firsthand that they have flaws and quirks and insecurities like everyone else.

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Some socially awkward types have the problem of being a bit too uneasy around certain types of people.

Here are the big ones: When someone is intimidated by really outgoing people it's that they're worried about having to talk to them and feeling really overwhelmed and like they won't be able to keep up or know what to say.

There's not much to getting past this one except more practice with social and conversation skills so you feel more comfortable in their presence.

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