Interracial dating attitudes among college students

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May 5, 2010 at pm (Uncategorized) Walking into class on the first day and hearing everything we had to do definitely made me question what I was doing in this class and my abilities as a writer.

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I think I used this to my advantage because I knew there was no time to procrastinate.It was nice to see that even writers who have written many papers go back and rewrite their paper, that they just don’t write them once and bam they are perfect.The most helpful feedback that I received throughout this process was the feedback I received from the peer editing.I found this information helpful because they were able to point out what needed to be changed in my paper and they were able to tell me that I was on the right track. After taking some time to research I just decided to sit down and start typing and I was surprised how easy it became than.As far as my future as a writer I believe this class has made me stronger.It allowed me to have the confidence that I need to be a writer.

It allowed me to have confidence in my writing and the fact that I could start from nothing and come up with my own research topic and do the research that I needed to write a good paper that I was proud of. I found this document was very helpful because it reassured me that I didn’t have to write a perfect research paper the first time.

That I could go back and rewrite it and fix it as many times as I wanted.

That if I procrastinated that I would get so far behind that I would not be able to catch back up.

I knew I had to keep up with all my work and keep on top of everything that I had to do.

I think this made me a stronger writer because I tried not to let myself get to stressed out about what I had to do.

I knew that by staying on track it allowed me to put the time in that I needed to write a good research paper.

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