How to handle intimidating

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However, he completely underestimated that sometimes big surprises come in small packages.

But Anna isn’t about to let him go without a fight.Help support my efforts by sharing this video on Facebook. the cops (corrupt officials in policing services) don't want witnesses especially cameras.Be sure to view my other videos, subscribe, and stay tuned. Because when you go to court the judge sees all the evidence and makes the cops look like court jesters. Had a CHP try that crap with me once.I looked at him and asked him if he'd like to try on his own handcuffs.Then I explained than what he and his partner were doing was unlawful and that I was going to arrest him if he didn't cool his jets.He looked at me for a second, then wished me a good night and went straight back to his car.

I was sorta bluffing about arresting him, but then I looked it up and it turns out that if a police officer gets hostile or intimidating[without cause] in any fashion that a citizen deems threatening, said citizen does in fact have the right and authority to arrest the offending officers. At you stated that it is important to continue video taping this officer otherwise you can be his next victim.

What could he do if you ignored him and continued taping the initial scene. Could he make up say that you were interfering in their investigation or something like that?

An ungrateful refugee thought that since the only worker on duty at the entrance of a grocery was a tiny young woman, he could just leave without paying for his groceries.

The young woman chases down the so-called refugee, apprehending him and snatching the items from his hands before he gives up and flees. “Most often they steal alcohol, which is not a necessity, and not, for example, something essential such as food.

It’s frustrating.” Anna’s employer, Saku Kytölä, was incredibly proud of her, but added that he doesn’t want his workers to feel like they need to fight off thieves.

He emphasized that he would rather keep his employees safe than catch a perpetrator.

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