Hiei dating quiz

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Now what is on hiei's mind when he talks to you, or if he talks to you -yusuke- find out on the next yu yu hakuso -me- this is a quizz!! If you cannot handle the cussing please take another quiz.

Hiei dating quizzes where if you have to go looking for love? As always, remember to be honest and choose the best option .. Check out a date with Hiei (The Anime hottie from Hitman Reborn) quiz and make some fun quizzes of their own .. Or to put it simply, it will give you an idea of ​​what a date with Hiei like.. Quick Kwiz - Create fun quizzes for your blog or online journal.. (Girls of course) make some fun quizzes and quiz of their own .. Hiei would you now; Which Character Are You From Yu.. Community moderated site where you can make quizzes and personality tests, ask and answer questions, create profiles, journals, forums and much more .. our customers with our friendly professional advice, up to date condition .. Who is Hiei's mother, the sister of Hiei's his favorite attack.. 4ec8ab26dd Dog loves cock - 85 745 31 097 GA Georgia's only female Yatesville Just another weblog.. Yusuke seemsto like you and obviously so does Kuwabara. Andperhaps you like Hiei and your in denial so youspite him. That's becauseyou're personalities are similar in some ways,not all but some. Hiei is even warming up to yousince you don't annoy him and you know when tostay away even if you DO have a temper and thefact that you're a demon may also bring yousome respect from him. If you prove tobe a good fighter and can use all you'repowers, who knows what'll be in the future foryou! But everyone likesthe fact that you can use some of your power! Well, sleeping with Yusuke gained you a kiss fromhim! '.theperson in front of him fainted.(yup,that'syou) Congratulations! I....haveto look for a job to help pay bills oic he saysthen he looks at you and says cant you do thatlater you say you can but you dont wanna youlook up at him and he sits next to you andwispers in your ear so what type of demon areyou? I dontknow what your talking about now leave me aloneand with that you leave and ditch the rest ofthe school day and go home..I am done Iwill make another one later tonight but only if I get at least one message telling me if its okor if I need to change ne thing ok : D but Imight just do it ne ways cuz I have fun doingit well buh bye I hope you liked it Great job! by theway Hiei love you and everything about you heloves the fact that you are reble like himselfand has since he first laid eyes on you hewants to keep you by his side forever and hopesthat someday you will have his kid*bye vote ormessage me plz* Hiei and you were meant to be together and he lovesyou very much....thanks to everyone who keepsmessaging me I am loving it by the way I amworking on a new series which is dew out in acouple of weeks it will be another YYH one butthis time it is going to be really different Iwill post the first one in a couple of day sotell me what you think about it and I willdecide wither or not I'll continue it bye MJB ok well Hiei obviously loves you Yusuke likes youenough to blush at you thinking being like himis a compliment the other two are jealous ofthe attention and the fact that you don't havemuch to do with them thanks for the time youhave spent reading my stuff O and please if youmessage me dont be rude or demanding I amputting up with alot right now and half of itis so you ppl can read these quiz stories okthanks Marie what is going on? You findhim in his room, staring outta the windowagain.

They like your attitude, yournice but not too nice and if you live up toyour claims, you can fight pretty well too,well you do have three brothers. Even Hiei doesn't hateyou and he's starting to warm up to you but allyou two do is spite eachother. The only reason Hiei gets annoyed with you sometimes is becauseyou both are too simliar! Everyone likes youexcept Keiko and Hiei is Hiei so not much toworry about since you're not nuts about Keikoeither. but when you getin a fight.(if you do) you try not to lose,cause Kuwabara's just helping you. Kurama sighed,took a deepbreath, and said 'Would you marry me? he asks and whats that you look at himand see him smirk you say uh.... what's going through everyones heads are youand Hiei going to date or maybe you and Kurama* I doubt it this is a HIEI quiz not Kurama*look out for my next one might be mylast for the series depending on how I feel Istill need to work on my other one well bye byethanks MJB well well look at that they like you even though noone else does and Hiei seems to be entranced byyour beauty after all many men find pregnantwomen sexy ;) O yea Kurama likes you too byehope you liked it MJB ok well Hiei loves ya if you haven't noticedalready and yea wonder how your powers aregonna work out anyways srry if this is a weirdresult but I am half asleep I had a long andlate night to make you ppl happy bye hope tohear from ya sonn MJB ok so now you have a new power and all and have allof hiei's love but what is up with Yusuke andwhy is he so mad you will find out in the nextquiz bye srry it's not a good result... Well ok,message me with the name of one guy, and theguy with the most votes, youll see the most of,then the guy with the second most votes and soon so forth. ~HIEI STORY~ You leave Kurama there in the livingroom, to go off in search off Hiei.

Not that it stops Kuwabara from acting like a jerk! Well, your best friend is living with you in Sprit World. ^o^ In the hour or so you had talking to the group,you've made a good impression on them. The next quizwill be called: YYH: *Crystal Training* , whichyou should go to. The nextquiz that YOU have to go to to proceed withthis story is called YYH: ~Crystal Frenzy~ . Message me yourideas if you want to read this ASAP! Also, message me if youd like, i dostill accept requests and ideas. The next chapter will be called YYH: Perspective and will not need a password. It will be for afuture chapter, and Im planning for itto be called YYH: =Battle for LIFE= and thepassword'll be: Defend Well, I hope you liked this chapter! I take it Koenmadoesn't want anything to happen to u 2. But think of itthis way at least u and Hiei will have somealone time while the guys train. Well U learned more about these demons and Botonjust gave u something that u seemed to bewaiting for anixously but what is it??? OK well ur having Hiei's baby and u just got backto Koenma's cause the tournaments in a few daysand ur already around 40 days pregnant. Rate high message ifu want and u'll find out tomorrow night. Well thatsgood because he love you back with all of hisheart he cant let you go and you cant let himgo! and you and Hiei are a couple and youare going to the movies with your buds but howare things going to go ?

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Wheather your a demonor not they're gonna be your friends. But they aren't even sure if you're ademon yet so who knows?! They like youbecause you have a good personality and are agood fighter, so it seems since you werefighting with no weapon. If you're goodat fighting in your demon form who knows maybethey'll let you join the team! Yusuke is pretty hackeled up aboutthe kiss and so are you! Hiei doesn't hate you but the fact that youdon't know every power of yours yet and thatyou aren't completley focused all the time,gives him the oppertunity to mock you. Keiko is jealous because Yusuke does seem to care about you, but so doeseveryone else. And your new attack did indeed scarethe hell out of everyone. Not just fell in love,he even asked you tomarry him! ;) I hope you'll guys will live happily everafter.hey,that can only happens if you say YES! Also, I need help thinking of the next mission,which should uncover this hiei-attacker andmaybe what they're up to case. Well u had some hang time with the guys but now uand Hiei r stuck indoors. (thats probably whathe's doing in that dress up there) OH, and,uh... XD OMG that is so cool Yusukes your brother ::if youdon't like it.. stay tunedto find out lol ok well this is interesting the prince is deadright?

Kurama likes you, as a friend andeven Hiei doesn't hate you. If you prove thatyou can fight maybe they'll let you on theteam. Everyone is worried becauseof what's happening to you. Yusuke seems to like everythingabotu you and so does Kuwabara. And is something really up with Hiei or isit just you? your personality and the way youreacted had made Kurama fell in love withyou! Hiei loves you^.^ (and you love him,obviously) He would do anything to protect you,and I mean ANYTHING... message me with someideas because i still have really bad writtersblock!! what will happen to you rate andmessage me and you will find out don't forgetno being rude and obnoxious or else I dont makethe quizes plus I have to get up at in themorning to go to work so I need to get my sleepas well bye what has happened why can't Hiei accept you heloves you and you know that so what's wrongwhat will happen next how will the others actand respond to you being a mermaid princess andare you going to get slapped again? MY MOUTH WAS LIKE HANGING OPEN.) Pleasemessage and rate, and Ill make da next quiz assoon as I can! He loves the wayyou act, how you take no uh, crap from people,even me, the quizmaker! He also hates the fact Kurama and Yusuke both kinda have crushes on you, but willnot admit it. I dont knowif I should make a different series with splitanswers, or that you go out with one guy.

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