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", realize that rehearsing makes you sound awkward and ..for it...rehearsed.Let asking the woman out or asking for her number come out of your mouth naturally.

Try thinking of fun activities that allow you both to laugh at yourselves, like ice skating or roller skating.Get a girl to laugh and you've instantly earned points, my friend.3) Although we here at Made Woman Magazine don’t advocate game playing, we DO advocate you not acting like you have not been on a date since 2004.Don’t blow her phone up, text her constantly, or answer every phone call immediately.Contrary to what you may think, women do enjoy a small challenge here and there. If you don't believe you're a catch, how can you expect anyone else to?Furthermore, the thought of you not always being available enhances your appeal. Men overestimate the power of true self confidence, often mistaking it for arrogance. Cocky ain't cute, but a Made Woman does want the man on her arm to act like he belongs there.Dear Guy Who Could Use Some Help Pullin’ The Ladies, I’m writing this letter to you to help you out.

You’ve probably got all the qualities a woman wants: good job, passable personal hygiene, education; but you can’t get the girl you REALLY want to give up the digits AND go on a date with you. Listen, before you go crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry's tonight (wait, do guys do that?

) why don't you take some tips straight from the source: A Woman.

Hey,'re welcome.1) Before you stand in front of the mirror and repeat 10 clever, different ways to say, "Would you like to accompany me to a movie, Susan?

She will start to wonder what you’re up to, and at the very least, you WILL be on her mind. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows who he is and isn’t trying to appeal to what he “thinks” women want.

Sincerely, A Made Woman That’s Waiting for a Man Like You To Holla!

Made Woman Magazine was founded in 2009 by Lindsey Day and Serena Watson.

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