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Senate also worked under deadline pres- stue knowing; that all decisions for this fis- cal year had to be made and sent to the Kansas Board of Regents by Monday for approval, Senators voted three times on the same bill, failing it the first two times.Senate only passed it after Steve Hall, Academic Af Tairs and University Relations cbiir, changed the proxy vote of Agnculturjl Sen.

If Heinnch vetoes the bill, the decision of how to fund Lafene will go to the admin- istration.Bill Muir, faculty representative to Senate, laid after the meeting, "We've never had three votes on the same bill on the same night" Both Jason Lance.Student Health Advisory Committee chairman, and Gretchen Holden, K-State director of dis- ability services, spoke negatively to senators about the original legislation thai would have instituted S8 per office visit user fees Lance said the bill wtiuld keep people from going to Lafene and damage the health of the entire K-State community "You as SO A have a responsibility to the students here that they can continue to stay here without interest to health issues." Lance said."A sick person doesn't ]usi affect themselves The longer they stay sick the more they can infect other people " Holden said that after hearing some of the students who visit her office talk about the possible office fee, she had to speak against the bill "These .students have ill health.Usually Senate would be able to override a presidential veto with a two- thirds vote, but because final decisions must be made by Monday for approval by the Kansas Board of Regents, the decision will be taken out of senators' hands "You haven't seen volatile yet until you go out there and tell students that you've given all the student power to the adminis- tration," Hall said."Don't sit there and pretend to represent students and then let (Bob) Krause tell stu- dents how they're going lo spend the biggest part of their privilege fees," he said of the vice president of institutional ad\'ancement Throughout the meeting, which con* eluded at 2 am , a majority of Senitors voted in favor of funding Lafene without a per-visit user fee, but in order to raise privi- lege fees to do so, the bill had to pass Senate with a two- thirds vote The onginal bill, which did not pass and was written by the Privilege Fee Committee, would have instituted an S^ user fee per office visit to the health center i( wu amended later in the meeting into its current form that will use pnvilege fees to fiind Lafene After four attempts to re-amend the bill "t hav* 8 hard time thinking iveryone under- stands tlie Impact ot a declslen of ttiis magnitude." — Jason Heinrich.

student txxfy pmskieni and institute a user fees between S4 and S8 per visit.

Senate passed the bill without privilege fees 38- 10-1.

TQMr S wu Tiei Ma N52 «UIW31 FRIDAY Kansas Stat March 17, 2000 ■ Kansas State University Sub Exp Date.

-■/•■ Kansas Stale Historical Society Newspaper Section PO Box 3&fl5 Topeka KS 66501 OLLEGIAN ttan, Kan.

■ Volume 104, Number 121 Guide to Academy Awards 14 Lafene privilege fee passes Student Senate I IMnrtcti Bxp6ct8d to veto Mil before Mondar. B\ PANEPW THOMPSON Student Senate voted under the threat of 1 veto from Student Body President lason Hemnch, to raise pnvilegc Tecs about ib to fund Lafene Health Center next year at its meeting Thursday night "I will veto any bill that does not include $4 user fee," Heinrich ^aid After the meeting.

Hemnch said he was- n't certain if he would veto the hill "I have a hard time think m|i everyone understand:; the im|a Cl of a decision of this magnitude," he smd.

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