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One of the top benefits listed for subscribers is “reduced ads”! Mark highlighted this back in 2009 – but for a completely free setup, Secure Cam is still a good option today.With support for 4 cameras (unlimited if you donate) and a built-in webserver to view the motion captured images and videos, it’s a fully functional and comprehensive solution, though lacking some of the shine of premium apps.

I live in England, the country with the highest number of CCTVs than anywhere else in the world – about 1 camera to every 30 people, it’s estimated.Obviously, that’s not enough (yes, that is sarcasm), so today I’m doing a round-up review of useful tools for adding CCTV to your own home.In all seriousness, having your own home surveillance system can be a powerful deterrent to would-be intruders or office workers who tend to pinch your stapler, but I don’t suggest using it to spy on your own family members.A note About UK Law: It is perfectly legal to use CCTV for personal and home security, though you’d be advised not to point it at a neighbour’s property.There is no law against taking pictures or video in a public place including roads and pathways, and the Data Protection Act 1998 or Human Rights Act does not cover domestic usage of CCTV.However, there exceptions to this rule if your camera is capable of remote-controlled movement.

This isn’t relevant for most webcams, but many IP cameras can perform pan and tilt.

A Note About US Law: There are generally no restrictions on private use of security cameras.

However there are exceptions in places where people might otherwise have an expectation of privacy – such as bathrooms.

Ryan reviewed this back in 2009, and while it has a reasonable level of complexity, it looks like it hasn’t been updated since, so the interface and website are atrocious. At this price, I would have expected something amazing; though the interface is easy to understand – rules that look for objects – the actions available are severely limited to either recording a clip locally, playing a sound, or emailing you. Matt did a full review of i Spy last year, so I won’t repeat him here.

Functional then, but better options below – keep reading. It’s functional, but not nearly as advanced as some other apps.

The software is free, but you’ll need to subscribe for $8/month for online access to view your feeds anywhere in the world (a function which many cameras and other apps provide for free).

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