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Their geo-restrictions, while being effective and removing models from the advertising pool, have been known to drastically limit model earnings.

I can’t explain why, but I’m hyper-sensitive about giving out personal information. I have one, to build a credit rating, but I only use it to buy gas, so that there’s no profile of my real purchasing habits. I practically hyperventilate when I consider all the databases of things I’ve bought, people I’ve called, and movies I’ve watched. I may not be especially private about some things, but I’ll be damned if Safeway needs my phone number or address to sell me a loaf of bread. If you would like to try again please press 'Cancel' Your camera is not connected. If you would like to enroll later please click 'OK' otherwise, select cancel and try again.If you are not able to pass the system check select 'OK' or call customer service. Select Cancel to add images or Select Ok to add images later. This means that models are not allowed to perform sexual acts in free chat, and instead must go to any number of private chat formats to perform shows.

Streamate is known by many of its white labels, including Cammodels and Sexy Lady Show.

Streamate disallows models to speak about white label sites on cam to help prevent members from becoming confused. It is heralded as being a consistent earning site, but they also heavily use their model's images in advertising, which makes some models feel uncomfortable.

I originally wrote this in March 2005, and only update it occasionally. So, I set out on a quest to find an anonymous, prepaid credit/debit card I can use online – in essence, digital cash that I can swipe at Amazon as well as the checkout counter.

It’s still a good overview, and generally up to date, but parts may sometimes be stale. If you’re in a hurry, here’s the executive summary: I use Simon gift cards. They only go up to $500, they generally can’t be reloaded, and some merchants refuse to accept them, whether explicitly or because most don’t support AVS checks.

Also see Why I’m weird about privacy and faking out address and credit card forms. I buy them in person at a Simon mall, and overall, I’m pretty happy with them. Hank Taggart agrees with me in his book How to Purchase Anonymously on the Internet, on both the details and the conclusion to use Simon. On the plus side, you can buy them with cash and without providing any identifying information whatsoever.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that I’m a privacy freak. I’ve frozen my credit report with all three agencies. The worst part, though, is that I don’t use a credit card.

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