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Perhaps most obviously, people look at the fossil record, in whole or in part, to learn about the organisms that have been preserved.They often try to piece together how living things interacted from this basic information.

These elements provide clues about things such as migration and habitat, date of life and geological and meteorological conditions, structures or events.This type of study, therefore, is important to many different scientific areas. This usually takes time, but it can happen faster in cases where living things fall into pits or similar structures, and as more layers of sediment are added, pressure increases, causing the sediments to compact into rock.As the body decays, minerals seep into the it, filling the spaces where gases or fluids used to be — this is known as permineralization.Alternately, the minerals that are in it chemically break down and are reformed or replaced.Eventually, most or all of what is left is a rock-like copy of the body.The fossil record is the collective accumulation of the remains of organisms that have been preserved, particularly in rock, all over the world, and which are generally at least 10,000 years old.

When viewed as a whole, it can provide interesting information about the evolution of life on Earth.

Scientists consider the remains they have found to be extremely precious and apply what they learn from them into multiple disciplines.

They routinely try to fill in gaps in the record to have a better understanding of the world.

Sometimes, organisms are preserved in substances such as amber, ice or tar, as well.

Occasionally, imprints get filled with sediments that harden into rock, creating natural molds or casts. Nature has evolved a very complex and highly efficient system for recycling materials, so when things die, they generally decay with the assistance of a wide variety of other organisms and the elements.

They can only be preserved without artificial help, therefore, when conditions are just right to stop this breakdown process.

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