Did josh bowman dating amy winehouse

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Miley and Joshua met on set of the movie and have been “inseparable” lately.An on-set source says that Joshua also reminds Miley’s ex, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth () adding that he’s very “Liam-ish” with his accent and stuff.Even though the new couple are trying to keep their rumored relationship under wraps, insiders suggest there’s nothing serious between them.We have two amazing news to comment today, one is about the newly elected pope and the second is - celebrities recent tweets, either about the pope and about their everyday life as well!, (which recently finished filming and is due out this year) I honestly thought it was taken on set while they were filming a scene.(Photos are here.) It turns out that Miley wasn’t on the clock and that she has likely hooked up with her most recent costar, a 22 year-old British actor named Josh Bowman who briefly dated Amy Winehouse and was seen in St. Miley obviously has a type – hot guys from English-speaking foreign countries who she also happens to work with.

This guy also has a type – dark-haired singers who speak and act like 40 year-old divorcees.

I hope that’s where the comparisons between Miley and Amy Winehouse end.

At least Miley is single when she’s hooking up with her costars.

I’ll say something nice – that puppy is cute, and it’s possible that Miley and this guy are just playing it up for the cameras.

They do look really cozy though and this is totally Miley’s M.

You probably remember him as the guy caught hugging Amy Winehouse on the beach in St Lucia in December 2009.

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