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I don’t like this phrase “falling into." I don’t know anyone who’s ever "fallen into” their own behavior.

No one goes from drinking coffee to falling into crystal meth (and if you have, I’m sorry and I’ll pray for you).

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My boyfriend and I have a hard time falling into sexual immoralities, not full on sex, but a lot of playing around …

We keep trying to set rules and such but they never work and it’s a “your head knows it’s wrong but your heart doesn’t care” kind of thing.

We know we need to be serious but we just can’t seem to be and it’s frustrating. Hey my dear wonderful friend, please first allow me the grace to point you to a previous post: - Question: Physical Boundaries In Relationships I have to say upfront that I’m not very qualified to speak on this struggle, mainly because I never quite got a handle on this in my previous relationships.

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