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Choose one and customize it, or create one of your own. Like all features, CS cards are fun and totally FREE! It's a great way to get better acquainted with members you've met on CS and a great excuse to travel to a place you may not have had the chance to visit alone.

Yesterday I listened to a fascinating interview with Dr.With loads of quality features to help you connect with friends and singles in your area and worldwide.Many online dating sites claim to be free, and then surprise you with charges for features such as emailing, chat, IM...Learn More » Blogs are journals about love, life, experiences, or lessons learned. Join thousands of smart, sexy singles who are seeking friendship, romance...Express your opinions, words of wisdom or just write about your day. Blogs bring attention to your profile and mail to your inbox. Fun cards for your friends, romantic cards for that special someone. When a sociopathic individual is born with above average intelligence, this can be incredibly dangerous.

Once we develop a basic understanding of the sociopathic personality and motives, it is easy to understand how romantic relationships can be an easy target for their manipulation and control.

As Sigmund Freud so beautifully said, “we are never so vulnerable as when we love.” Unfortunately, it’s that vulnerability that – when compounded with a conscience-less, power-seeking individual – makes us perfect targets to fuel their manipulative, control-seeking, parasitic lifestyles.

Martha Stout, psychologist and bestselling author of , as she explained how prevalent sociopathy is and what it’s implications are for the rest of society.

Her research resulted in the estimate that a staggering 4% of the population, or 1 in 25, is a sociopath – a number that has been criticized by her peers as, shockingly, being too low. A sociopath is a person that is physically unable to process emotion.

Neurological studies indicate that sociopaths have the same physiological responses to words like “love” or “murder” as they do to words like “lamp” or “chair.” This disabled emotional processing leads to a lack of conscience and empathy – without being able to internalize or conceptualize emotional pain, they lack the yardstick healthy people rely on to identify with one another or create the feelings of guilt that inevitably arise when we hurt another human being.

As a result, a sociopath’s motives to fulfillment become focused on control and power rather than love and deep interpersonal connection.

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