Dating tips from guys

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I don’t recommend going out for a meal with a stranger.

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Sometimes I feel disliked, I feel liked, I feel disliked, and…I mostly feel disliked.Finding someone of quality online can be a tricky adventure for both males and females. I’m just a regular guy who has been online dating for about a year. Females receive more messages online, because just like in real life men are usually the instigators.Unfortunately, the disclaimers on women’s profiles, as well as my first dates’ accounts of creepy men creeping online leaves me to conclude that a number of bad apples are giving the good men of Los Angeles a bad reputation.So when contacting a woman online, it’s important to send cool, concise, confident messages. As a man, I have an adventurous spirit and I don’t mind meeting strangers.That was a tough rejection because I was into her from the start.But looking back, I wasn’t totally myself as I had just worked a long day.

So now, when showing up for a date, I make sure to be fresh of mind, and appearance. If you are discussing any problems you are having, which we all do, make sure to present the solution.

Personally, I think a sharp pair of dress shoes can go a long way. It’s okay and encouraged to talk about what’s on your mind, but, show that you are in control of your life.

First and foremost, the best way to meet anybody is through mutual friends. Some women have the same sentiment, but no matter what, if you have someone who can vouch for you, then your chances shoot up exponentially.

Woman friends can also vouch for you while you’re out on the town. So, the key is how good are you at selling yourself, so just be yourself. You must be confident, charming, courteous and fun.) I met a woman online and we went out for coffee in the evening.

Her first comment was, “You look like your pictures online, that’s good.” I’d already scored points before opening my mouth. When we were leaving, she asked me if I wanted to hang out again.

She was beautiful, and intelligent, and successful, so naturally, I said “yes.” When I followed up with my coffee date, she never replied.

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