Dating pignose amplifiers

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I do know that Kevin Paul claimed to have a serial number listing for Fender guitars (insider information from a friend) to date Fender amps in-lieu of using the 2 letter date code on the tube chart or QA sticker or the "606-" transformer number. The Blue Book for Guitar Amplifiers has a listing that they were made from "1997 to Present" as I had indicated previously. manufacturer and would use the American version of dating, which would be B-04/26/13 (day, month, year) in-lieu of the European version you used as an example. The other was only dusty and it went for $900.00 even. Believe me (or not), this amp starting with serial B-0XXXXX was not made in 86. Ville Sorry Charlie, The Hot Rod Deville and Deluxe were only made in the USA from 1996-2002 (The F. Good Luck It Ain't no 86-87: I don't know where that 86-87 came from either.

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I wanted one back in the 1970's but the waiting list was crazy. When I buy one, it's an acoustic with no electronic stuff installed. I don't how you got 86-87 But that is totally wrong. If it is a 1996 it would have a gold 50th anniversary stamp on the back plate and that would make it the most saught after Deluxe of them all.Click the 'back' plectrum to go back to the previous page, or click the "Grouse Guitars" nameplate above to go directly to the Grouse Guitars homepage. - went to Indra 1951 Fender Pro Amp - Here's a fantastic TV-front vintage Fender amp from the golden period. - selling for less than the price we paid - went to Tony 1957 Magnatone Custom 280 Double V - the legendary amp with true stereo vibrato.1940s H&H portable valve amplifier - what an amazing old amp. Loads of street cred, buckets of vintage tone from the field coil 15" Jensen, and a truly grouse investment - went to Bill 1950s/60s 1x12" speaker box - Here's a pretty cool speaker box with a low-powered Sydney-made MFP Hi-Flux 12" speaker, perfect for getting the best vintage tone from very low-powered (around 5 watts) valve amplifier heads - went to Daniel 1950s Magnatone Model M-197-3-V class-A 6V6 amp - is this the coolest amp you ever saw? Real single-ended 6V6 tone at legal bedroom (or studio) levels, or just keep it on display in your home or studio and watch its value grow - went to Tony 1955 Australian 10 watt amp - an incredibly charming amp which sounds amazingly good! A very, very rare amp in amazing original condition. 110 volt - went to a collector in Sydney 1958 (approx) Maton valve practice/studio amp, very rare and very sweet (looking and sounding! Goes as well as it looks, with tons of great vintage valve tone for practice or the studio. Ideal for harp or super-grungy old-school electric guitar.Hi I am looking to sell my amp but am unsure of its age and value. Hope this helps, kcbuck - Texas Boy By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.It is a Fender Hot Rod De Ville, Type PR 247, Serial No.

Just trying to keep the information straight out there, kcbuck Oscar: The Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 has a MSRP at $1,160.00 USD and the current resale value is: Exc. Cond: $300.00 to $375.00 USD In order to date your amp I will need to know the 2 Letter Date Code on the Tube Chart or the QA Sticker or the Transformer Number starting with "606".

Be Good, kcbuck El Jefe: This is not correct per Fender. Fender indicates the 2-Letter Date Code on the Tube or the QA Sticker or the Transformer Number is the only method for the date of manufacture...

I thought it matched up well with another amp you discussed in an earlier thread, but I thought mine was possibly made in 1996 based on some other things that I read; glad to hear I was wrong. I had the first little one 71-100 for cancer corner, I wore it out, it took 15 tries to turn it on. i have a junk mic and back ground noise will be on any CD I make. Tried it when I first bought it, haven't used it since. However, I'm old school when it comes to acoustics.

Jack Sorry but I dont think its 85-86 as stated below, the Hot Rod Deville and Hot Rod Deluxe first year run was in 96. Did you buy one Master, for fun you will have a grand time. I have a Dean Markley stick on pick up to record acoustic and run then in to the amps. I also have a Dean Markley sound hole pickup for my acoustics, if I want to electrify them.

No snow here in Erwin, TN where I'm working, it's been raining the last 3 or 4 days and in the high 40's to mid 50's during the day and the mid 30's to low 40's at night. Does it interface with the Hog20 and what does it do that is fun?

Grouse Guitars - your vintage guitar, bass and amp dealer. Probably only 5 or 6 watts, so it sure won't blow your quadbox!

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