Dating customs in chile

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If you ask an American how they are doing, they answer: GREAT! The biggest misconception about these people is that gringas are easy and gringos are perverts.First, actually they come from a less sexually charged culture, and my theory is that Chileans love a sexually repressed society so they can intensify their sex experiences (don't ask how I came to this conclusion).

Gringas dress more provocatively because they are less afraid of catcalling, and gringos come across as shy because of this. There's no such thing as a first date, and all that it entails, or a second date etc.In fact, gringos are more concerned about STDs and are more pruddish about all sorts of exchange of fluids which is a natural part of the process of making babies, if you know what I mean (I can't believe I'm saying this!! So in this regard, it's the Chileans who are the filthy ones. I have been wondering how this works in Chile and I don't really know and I wouldn't dare to ask because people are not even going to understand the question. I mean going out is less structured for us, we just go out, and preferably in a group.Gringos are squeaky-clean and mentally nonchalant, sort, and ta-dah... So you come across as a bit cold and as too obvious.Gringo culture make it really evident (you may start seeing a pattern here) when someone has taken a fancy to someone else. I have to start with one clarification: I use the word gringo(a) to refer in general to English-speaking people, and my views are based on the British, Irish, Americans and Australians I've met, and I know less Americans than European English-speakers. That's my first impression and it's due to their straight-forward and attitude.By no means I mean antything offensive or derogatory by using the word gringo (in other countries it has connotations, but not in Chilean Spanish). I think I am bit like that too, so I kinda like you.

It can be a bit much sometimes, but gradually one can get used to it because it makes everything more predictable.

Probably is more difficult the other way around: a gringo having to get used to the Chilean ways.

So it all boils down to this: you're more straight forward, and what you're like 'what see is what you get' type of people. The stiff upper lip is the British way, and a Chilean person wouldn't find difficult living sorrounded by British people, because us being professional pessimists find less of an effort to understand the British psyche than the American one.

It can be brutal though to deal with you, particularly for Chileans. If someone ask me how I am doing, in Spanish, I only reply "aquí estamos" which is the Chilean for "I'm not too bad".

Americans in general can be excessively optimistic, too loud and over the top, to the point of being annoyingly over-enthusiastic, can't wait to get things done and come across as too simplistic. At work Americans not only wish you a good weekend on Fridays, they even tell you Happy Friday. There's this bizarre urban legend in Chile than anyone with fair hair, white complexion and a non-national is or has been engaged in the porn industry, or is a sex obsessive.

Brits are green with envy of Americans and they try hard to disguise it but they fail, miserably. Sadly, this is not true and an urban legend, and probably one day we may be able to pin point who came up with such lie, but we will never manage to find out how come so many people believe this absurdity.

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