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Katie, 22, UK I’m looking for a relationship or a new submissive! You know who you are ;) Hi~ My name is Skyler and I’m 18. I’m in to Japanese stuff like anime, cosplay, J-Rock, Lolita, Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, and etc. Send me a message on my tumblr or Instagram and we can chat!I find tumblr the place to just be open about ourselves so, I’m telling it straight. My Tumblr: My Instagram: @miura_sky Hello lovelies!

I am 24 and love my three cats and animals in general I’m a big trekie and love anything sci-fi I’m always up for making new friends and would love to meet some of you lovely ladies :) come say hi. I haven’t submitted in a long time, so thought I’d do this again.Also, well done on calling him out on the “you sound so adult” bullshit.As you said, that’s the type of thing that older men say to try to manipulate younger women into a relationship.Even if you do feel significantly more mature than your peers, there’s a massive experience gap there that he would absolutely use as leverage over you. I don’t know whether that guy is coaching this year, but I have no reason to suspect he isn’t. I dislike cats, boring people, U-Hauling and Miley Cyrus. Pretty much makes me the odd one out but w/e : D I like femme tomboy girls or femmes. I live in AK and I’m totally okay with long distance relationship as well. :) I speak my mind, so if you’re faint of heart, don’t follow.

Dogs, beer, 4/20, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Adventure Time, tennis & skiing. (Or Wisconsin near Lake Geneva.) Also looking for friends!

Ask me almost anything…I’m pretty much an open book.

@un-healthy-ad-dic-tions sent this to me last night, wanting to know if I thought she handled the situation correctly. I reacted nearly line-by-line with her, but there’s a lot, so let’s just get to it. SHE ALREADY ASKED YOU TO STOP DISRESPECTING HER BOUNDARIES AND YOU’RE CLEARLY NOT LISTENING!!!

“I prefer to test boundaries first, only then respect them as asked.” 1. Anyone who tells you “Boundaries are to be broken” is a person to block immediately.

He is VERY likely to rape you with that attitude, and then gaslight you about it and try to rules-lawyer his way out of an accusation because he ~didn’t realize~ that you were actually not okay with what was happening.

Especially if you were to agree to go out with him after the first couple of messages here, because then he would have prior experience that he can persuade you to ignore your own concerns in favor of what he wants.

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