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The Dating Anxiety Survey (DAS) was constructed to assess dating anxiety in males and females.Factor analysis of the survey revealed three factors: passive contact, active intentions for dating, and dating interactions.

Correlations with dating history and a measure of social anxiety were generally of a low but significant magnitude, providing some support for concurrent validity.Experimental data were used to study the amount of support men and women have to pursue nonsexual and sexual activities without their partner in the contexts of dating and marriage.Attention was also focused on whether a partner's independent behavior would be seen as less acceptable in marriage than in dating.The results showed that marriage did reduce a partner's right to engage in outside involvements.The primary goals of this study are to: (1) evaluate the variability in U and Pb abundance and U/Pb ratio in staurolites of varying composition; (2) constrain how much of the measured U and Pb is derived from radiogenic solid inclusions such as monazite and zircon; (3) constrain how much of the measured U and Pb is derived from staurolite itself and evaluate any possible correlation of U and Pb abundance and U/Pb ratio to major element composition; (4) place preliminary constraints on closure temperature to Pb diffusion in staurolite; (5) evaluate how meaningful U-Pb ages can better be calculated for the low U/Pb ratio minerals.In the staurolite fractions analyzed U abundances range from 0.2 to 24.9 ppm, Pb from 0.13 to 2.41 ppm, the Pb ratios from 23 to 623.

For many of the fractions analyzed precise U-Pb ages can be calculated (±10 Ma or better) that appear to be consistent with available age constraints on the time of peak metamorphism.

Mass balance calculations, fission track analysis, and synchrotron X-ray fluorescence trace element mapping show that although radiogenic inclusions are almost always present in large staurolite porphyroblasts, it is difficult for inclusions to account for the measured Pb isotopic compositions.

The results of the factor analysis lend support to the construct validity of the DAS.

Pb isotope data, major and trace element compositions, fission track and synchrotron X-ray fluorescence analyses are presented for staurolites from nine pelitic schists in the continental United States to evaluate their potential use in U-Pb geochronology.

Seven U-Pb analyses from Lanzirotti and Hanson (1995) are reexamined with respect to this additional data which was not available at the time.

These data are then compared to 21 new U-Pb analyses of staurolite of varying composition from a variety of localities.

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