Dating a scorpio man long distance

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In traditional astrology two zodiac signs are seen to be incompatible because of difference.The idea is that because these two individuals embody such radically different psychological impulses, tendencies and life frames they are in no way able to create or sustain a romantic union.

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When the west historically has been faced with difference the response has been to either to construct a hierarchy( where one arena of difference is seen as utopian and the others less than) or to erase difference all together and try to focus on similarities.Relationships, traditional unions especially, feel way to normal for the Aquarius. You see Scorpios tend to use emotional knowledge and feelings as a weapon in relationships, but with Aquarians there’s such an emotional disconnect, that it doesn’t exactly tip the scales in Scorpio’s favor. The union suffers for these and many more challenges. The invitation is to sit and think about why they are attracted to each other in the first place.So Scorpio is left feeling powerless– they’re emotional attacks and manipulation do not carry much weight. Why should they have to demonstrate that through what they see as “normative” methods? You see, each of us is attracted to our romantic partners because the other possess’ something that our conscious wants us to awaken and embrace within ourselves.Not only this, Scorpio also uses sexuality as power in relationships,and while Aquarians love kinky and creative sex ( Rick james was an aquarius) there not going to be controlled by their sexual drive. In this case, Aquarius, who lives all in their head, is being pulled to Scorpio because they need to learn how to work with their feelings and deal with the tumult of emotional baggage they have intellectualized but not adequately dealt with in their lifetime. If they do go there, Aquarius will find that they’re love of independence is marked by a fear of being controlled, a fear they have to name and confront. With adequate support ( counseling, therapy, healthy friend networks, communication) the two can find a place where this union can sustain them both.Even though the reality is, each of us is infinitely more complicated than our sun-signs.Different aspects and placements in the chart will create different impulses that will generally extend beyond the scope of this analysis. They are aware that they have emotions, they just don’t value them in the same way they value the intellect. They want adoration, to be possessed, affection; things that the Aquarian personality does not give out routinely. And let it go is just what the the Scorpio will not do.

However, when speaking in general about the Aquarius and Scorpio dynamic this essay will provide a general overview. They maintain a distance from their emotional body at all times and this infuriates Scorpio. They are too busy talking about free love, their friends and their independence to be all holed up with the Scorpio. They are not exactly well equipped for forgiveness.

Aquarians reek from the idea of being owned, or from participating in anything that feels normative or mundane. Aquarians’ cold, disconnected, theoretical sparring hurts Scorpio intensely, and Scorpio cannot use it’s emotional powers in the same way with Aquarius.

You see any of us can be in relationship with each other, the question is not are we “compatible” but instead: “Are we willing to do the personal, emotional and spiritual work necessary to forge a union that is nourishing, loving and compatible for us?

”In this inaugural essay of “Will it Work” we are going to get a birds eye view into the Aquarius-Scorpio dynamic and see what creates what western astrology has called “incompatibility”.

We are also going to see what it would require for a loving, sustainable union to exist between these two– if it is possible at all.

Mind you, we will only be working with sun signs in this essay.

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