Dating a computer science

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As one of two women in her Harvard undergrad class to graduate with a degree in computer science, Yang wasn’t going to be swayed from her path by a snarky comment.But after starting at MIT, she discovered that her mother’s friend may have had a point.

They have a love and understanding for technology that completely confounds the average civilian.Being quite technologically challenged myself, I have found that dating a CS major has its perks and surprises.There is much entertainment and confusion to get out of dating a CS major, especially when they heatedly talk about their favorite subject: computer science.The following is a list of signs to know that you are dating a CS major.1.Is not concerned about their future career; CS majors have a life plan with a sea of opportunities awaiting them after graduation. Lastly, you may be dating a CS major if you have no clue what they are talking about half the time they tell you about their chosen field. Jean Yang always knew she wanted an advanced degree in computer science.

She excelled in math, and computer programming was her passion. But others weren’t as confident in her career choice as she was. It’s not really a place for girls.’ They thought it was a place for antisocial male nerds,” says the 27-year-old, now in her sixth year at MIT.

When she got offered a place in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Ph. One of her mother’s friends even quipped that Yang—a self-described “fairly standard-looking, petite Asian woman”—didn’t look like a scientist.

Can find things on the internet that you never dreamed possible.2. Teaches you tips and tricks to navigating your computer.4. Hates using poorly made websites, especially when they could do a better job designing one. Gets easily excited about software, databases, computer graphics, and generally anything computer science-related. Often starts spouting off computer science facts that no one else in the room can follow. Has homework that involves making pretty pictures and animating them.

You thought only kindergartners drew pretty pictures for school.

Now you are jealous of kindergartners and your significant other.9.

Owns the best apps and programs that you were not even aware existed. Tends to nerd out over things, and it's adorable.11.

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