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A decade later maternal grandfather Sanusi Dantata was listed, by Yet from this biography it is clear that Aliko's story is not really about patrimony.

"We were in Nigeria and Africa for fourteen months working on the Aliko biography," the authors write."We reached out to some of his aides to get Aliko to sit down for an interview for this book but were unsuccessful." All the quotes used in the book come from "his interviews with local and world media." A reader expecting to encounter compelling anecdotes -- the sort of storytelling that illuminates the lives of characters like Aliko -- will therefore come away disappointed.The authors do not seem interested in cultivating any direct sources, and so we get virtually no opinions about Dangote from schoolmates, childhood friends, ex-lovers or business partners.There are also the puzzling bits that the authors fail to pursue. In 2011 the magazine disclosed: "The Nigerian businessman's fortune surged 557 percent in the past year, making him the world's biggest gainer in percentage terms and Africa's richest individual for the first time." (According to Let's start with the fascinating detail in this new biography (it is unclear how many others exist out there) by Chicago-based Nigerian journalist Moshood Fayemiwo and his American partner Margie Neal -- the "stuff I bet you didn't know about Aliko" bit.Islam permits him to be polygamous, but he is a serial monogamist -- by choice.

He has been married to four women, and has sired fifteen children.

His first wife, to whom he got married on May 27, 1977 -- he was 20 years old -- was "specially chosen for him by a consensus of his mother and other uncles." He has been heartbroken.

His attempt to marry a daughter of former President Yar'Adua failed -- she turned him down, and then went on to marry a state Governor.

Since 1983 he has experienced three "near-fatal" plane accidents.

A younger brother died in the plane crash that killed the son of Nigeria's Head of State, Sani Abacha, in 1996.

He is perhaps the only super-rich Nigerian alive today to come from a super-rich family -- his maternal great-grandfather was the richest man in West Africa in the 1900s (the book quotes an editor of West Africa magazine as referring to Alhassan Dantata, in 1955, as "possibly the richest man of any race in the whole of West Africa, and was in himself, a living rebuttal of the allegation that Africans, as a race, have no commercial aptitude, an example to his fellow -- countrymen of what a man can rise to even without education and a wealthy background").

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