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NORML cares about patient rights and changing the legal status of Marijuana!America deserves more sane and compassionate treatment of Marijuana consumers.

Learn More About Us Armed with a Masters in Public Administration from the University of South Florida with years of political experience, Mr. from Nova Southeastern University and is also a former Valedictorian. Hermida is a proud graduate of Oaksterdam University where he received medical cannabis training.The event runs from Nov 5/7th with instructors coming from all over the world and including, Colin Myles, Robbie Furman, Thelma Levett, Montagnol Denis, Klaus Loffert, Silvia Reichert, Rudiger Paulsen, Antonio, Margreet Ward and Pascal Grooten.So definitely a star studded list of instructors for the cost of the 200 euro registration fee.For more details and to book, Kidology Magic Convention, Guinness World Record Attempt.Cano is dedicated to fighting for marijuana reform. His daily struggles to ensure his father has adequate access to medical cannabis motivates him make a difference. Hermida is a true advocate for marijuana reform with real concern and focus on the patients.

Qualatex for this month have the Witches Coven as the recipe of the month that can be downloaded from the Qualatex Event website.

The recipe has a list and product code of all the balloons and accessories required via a PDF download which is free to obtain.

There are many recipes from previous months to look at and attempt and definitely something to inspire you for your next event or function.

Recipe of the month, Materials: #50544 22" Flying Witch’s Spooky Brew Bubble x 1 #50963 14" Wacky Witch Microfoil x 3 #37701 16" Black Geo Donut x 1 piece #43570 5" Orange latex x 4 pieces #43548 5" Onyx Black latex x 4 pieces #43937 260Q Onyx Black x 1 piece #39290 20" Lime Green Starpoint x 1 #88353 160Q Lime Green x 2 pieces #88349 160Q Orange x 2 pieces #82671 160Q Goldenrod x 2 pieces #27939 31" Lomey Pedestal x 1 Extras needed: 8" cake board x 2, Black pipe cleaners x 4 Balloon straws x 3, Glue and Nylon line Euro-Jam, Melle.

Germany It is not long till Euro-jam 2013 which will be the very last jam in the fifteen year history.

So why not make a special effort to attend one of the world's leading balloon conventions.

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