Cocky and funny dating lines

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I assumed you were rich and could support me, but now I'm not interested...

ATTRACTION is a very powerful emotion that has reasons and triggers that don't make any sense at first glance... In the beginning she felt attraction, and as bad as it may sound, almost no amount of being "bad", abusive, or jerk-ish can convince a woman feeling a strong attraction to leave. (Except maybe to put on a perfect Brad Pitt costume.) Once you start using this attitude, you will be totally astounded at the results.I'm sure you've seen many attractive women with guys who mistreated them, abused them, and were exactly the opposite of what you'd expect a woman to accept. So let me take the opportunity to talk a bit about the Cocky + Funny attitude, why it works, and how to use it to attract women (without having to be an abusive jerk). Here's a low-risk example: Next time you're at the grocery store in the checkout line paying for your groceries, say: "So how much of this cash do you get to keep?First of all, you have to remember that the formula is Cocky PLUS Funny. If you act too cocky, you'll come off as arrogant and insecure only. " (as you hand her the money) She'll probably laugh and say: "None...If you're just funny, always telling jokes, and making people laugh, you will probably come across as "too goofy." But if you use BOTH together, you will create magic. I wish." To which you can respond with: "Oh, I figured you were pocketing 10 or 20%...I kept thinking to myself, "If I do this cocky and funny thing, I'm only going to come across as arrogant...and that can't make women like me more." Well, was I ever wrong. Well, the short (email newsletter size) answer is: COCKY AND FUNNY ATTRACTS WOMEN BECAUSE IT QUICKLY AND DIRECTLY SAYS ALL THE RIGHT THINGS ABOUT YOU. Women AREN'T attracted to men who give away their power, kiss up to them, smother them with attention, act like whipped puppies, and get nervous just being in the same room with them.

You must always remember that ATTRACTION isn't logical. Here's a cocky statement: "Her dress makes her look fat." Here's a Cocky + Funny statement: "If she doesn't find a dress that fits better, the fashion police are going to send in the SWAT team for her ass." Get it? Women are attracted to "alpha male" types – We all know that. If you meet an attractive woman, and IMMEDIATELY start giving her a hard time about something, busting on her, and have fun, it basically says: "You are interesting enough to talk to, but you're going to have to do a lot more than just look good to impress me.

It doesn't follow the rules that it "should" follow. Your beauty doesn't make me nervous in the slightest, I'm perfectly calm, and in fact, I'm so comfortable that I just noticed something about you that I'm going to make fun of..." There is no faster way on earth to communicate all the right attitudes, beliefs, self-image, comfort, confidence, and power than to be Cocky + Funny.

By: David De Angelo, Author of "Double Your Dating" 01/23/2008 Dating Tips Home / Online Dating Home / Opposite Sex Channel Have you ever got freaked out by the idea of talking to an attractive woman? He’ll share with you how to use what he calls “Cocky & Funny” to get a woman feeling attracted to you FAST, no matter how beautiful she is…

Have you ever missed the chance to start a conversation, or put your foot in your mouth when you did? and best of all, you don’t need to be rich, famous, or handsome for this trick to work for you.

Check it out: I get a lot of email from guys who don't quite get the Cocky + Funny attitude.

It just doesn't make sense to some guys that teasing women, busting their balls, being slightly arrogant, not kissing up to them, etc. I can understand this, because I was exactly the same way the first few times I heard it and saw it.

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