Child updatepanel not updating

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This is a cross platform technology which speeds up response time.

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It has the basic syntax: If you create an 'Ajax Enabled site' or add an 'AJAX Web Form' from the 'Add Item' dialog box, the web form automatically contains the script manager control.For example, if a button control is inside the update panel and it is clicked, only the controls within the update panel will be affected, the controls on the other parts of the page will not be affected. Place another set of button and label outside the panel.This is called the partial post back or the asynchronous post back. The design view looks as follows: The source file is as follows: Observe that when the page is executed, if the total post back button is clicked, it updates time in both the labels but if the partial post back button is clicked, it only updates the label within the update panel.A page can contain multiple update panels with each panel containing other controls like a grid and displaying different part of data.When a total post back occurs, the update panel content is updated by default.The Script Manager control takes care of the client-side script for all the server side controls.

The Update Panel control is a container control and derives from the Control class.

It acts as a container for the child controls within it and does not have its own interface.

When a control inside it triggers a post back, the Update Panel intervenes to initiate the post asynchronously and update just that portion of the page. Place a button control along with a label control within the update panel control.

This default mode could be changed by changing the Update Mode property of the control.

Let us look at other properties of the update panel.

The following table shows the properties of the update panel control: The Update Progress control provides a sort of feedback on the browser while one or more update panel controls are being updated.

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